Maggie Fisher

Maggie Fisher


  • Certified Personal Trainer


  • University of Rhode Island Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology


I started running before I could walk (thanks to my dad who would push me in the stroller when he went out on his runs). But when I actually started running and competing after I joined the cross-country team in seventh grade, I really fell in love with the sport. Running has been my passion, my therapy, and a special way in which my dad and I can bond. While running will always be my number one, I had to make some room for weight training and lifting after I went to my first gym with my mom back when I was 16. This is where I met the best personal trainer…someone who would eventually inspire me to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. While I always thought I would go on to be a therapist, I couldn’t ignore my passion for health and fitness. I believe that exercise, nutrition, and mental health are deeply rooted in one another and plan to use my knowledge and skills gained from my psychology degree to help others reach their fitness-related goals.

While I have many goals of my own as a newly certified personal trainer, my main goal is to help people find something they love and can be passionate about. I want to help others fall in love with the process as opposed to just focusing on the end goal. While goals are helpful and important, when you fall in love with the process, find something you genuinely enjoy doing, and you can put meaning behind it; that is what will motivate you to push harder, promote behavior change, instill good habits, and ultimately give you the results you want.
Finally, I recently started living by this motto SOAR: Suffer, Overcome And Recover. Keep in mind that training (and life) is a process. We suffer, we will overcome, and eventually, we will recover and keep pushing forward.

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